Online Software & Mobile Application:-

Online software for consolidated management of Mutual Fund/FD/Postal Savings ,Life Insurance & General Insurance use it from any part of the world.Our Online Wealth Account generate a World Class "Tension Free" account for you which manage all investments in All Mutual Fund Schemes, Fixed Income Instruments which includes - Bank Deposits, Company Fixed Deposits, Bonds, Debentures, PPF, Debentures, NSS, Postal Savings, Life & Non Life Insurance with excellent graphically represented reports.Reports for our Clients: The clients will

Get following Reports in Elite Wealth Account:-

  • Consolidated Wealth Allocation Report.
  • Current Valuation Report.
  • Interest Income Report.
  • Mutual Fund Valuation Report.
  • Mutual Fund Transaction Report.
  • FD Maturity Report.
  • Life & Non life Insurance premium due report.
  • Pop-up Reminder for SIP, Insurance and FDs.

The clients will get following SMS & Email Alerts from Us:-

  • Monthly MF valuation alert.
  • Profit booking alerts.
  • Dividend earned alert.
  • Alert by Targeted NAV/Date & Valuation
  • Life insurance Premium Due alert.
  • Policy maturity alert.
  • Vehicle insurance premium due alert.
  • Health Insurance premium due alert.
  • FD & Postal Scheme Maturity alerts

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